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4 Pack Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Makeup Sponge



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4 Pack ! Add some spooky style to your festival makeup tool kit with the help of this hyper-versatile Makeup Sponge. Designed with a unique hydrophilic material, this makeup sponge helps you put on your favorite foundation and other makeup in a streak-free effortless application. Designed to help you reach both large and tight areas, this sponge makes it easy to blend, spread, and smooth out makeup with ease and achieve the festival fashion you've been dreaming of. Seamless Coverage: Designed to be used just about anywhere, it's easy to apply your makeup to wide areas and closeup details. Reduces Makeup Waste: The unique hydrophilic material is designed to minimize makeup absorption and waste, so you get the most out of every foundation, highlighter, illuminator, or any other product you use. Effortless Application: This makeup sponge allows for easy application for any foundation, highlighter, or other makeup. Blend your favorite colors and watch them glide on with ease. Maximum Coverage: The flat or rounded bottom can be used for smooth and even application on wider areas, while the fine tip helps to reach finer details. Cruelty-Free and Vegan: wet n wild makeup products are never tested on animals and are always cruelty-free. 4 Pack !

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