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4 Pack wet n wild Fantasy Makers Makeup Body Sponge Black



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4 Pack ! Adding custom color to your festival look has never been easier, thanks to wet n wild's Body Makeup Blending Sponge. Designed with a unique hydrophilic material, this sponge helps you achieve flawless looks and full coverage in a streak-free effortless application. Use it with your favorite body makeup or easily blend multiple pigments together for a dazzling look that's to die for. Maximum Color In An Instant: Mix and max your pigments, then blend and apply them with ease thanks with this body makeup blending sponge. The distinct design and unique hydrophilic material picks up pigment in a single dab, and ensures less product waste. Effortless Application: Body makeup doesn't have to be a mess anymore! This makeup sponge flawlessly applies body makeup in a seamless streak-free swipe. Larger Design For Maximum Coverage: Apply large swaths of color easily and seamlessly. This large teardrop shaped makeup sponge makes it quick and simple to blend and apply makeup large surface areas of the body. Seamless Coverage: Designed to be used just about anywhere, it's easy to apply your makeup or body paint to wide areas, such as the shoulder, chest, legs, or anywhere else you need some bold color or a shimmery glow. Cruelty-Free and Vegan: wet n wild makeup products are never tested on animals and are always cruelty-free. 4 Pack !

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